With these tips, you will be ensured that you are extending the life of your electrodes.
Only one application is needed to notice the difference between low-quality electrodes and electrodes that have medical certification. In the end, it is always the same, those who buy cheaper product has to replace it more often and in the long run, it means more money. However, even with high-quality electrodes, people who regularly use their electro-stimulator should replace the electrodes regularly.

Tips to Maximize the Durability of Self-Adhesive Electrodes:

Clean the skin before each electrostimulation session. The skin may contain traces of fat, creams or cosmetics, which can quickly ruin the adhesive surface of the electrodes. Although we believe that our skin is not dirty, prevention is always better than cure, since the self-adhesive electrodes cannot be cleaned. Water and detergents dissolve the adhesive film and make them lose the adhesive properties.
Our advice: Use the contact spray and axion cleaning before applying electro-stimulation. If you do not have the spray, you can clean the skin with soap and water instead.

When removing them, do not pull the electrode cable. This could influence the transmission of the current over time. To remove, it is best to take off one corner of the electrode and pull gently until it is completely removed.

Between uses, stick the electrodes on the transparent plastic and keep them in the bag in which they are dispensed. Make sure that the surface of the plastic is clean. If it is dirty, you can keep them on a piece of aluminum foil.

Store the electrodes in a dry and cool environment. Make sure that when storing, they are not directly exposed to sunlight, as they could damage the adhesive film.

Following the previous points, you will get the most out of your self-adhesive electrodes. You can look through the various electrodes for electrotherapy by searching through Google and other related sites for added information.

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