Food can also help wounds heal naturally. To understand how to heal wounds by means of natural remedies, we can rely on expert advice.

Among the ingredients that facilitate the healing of wounds, we find turmeric, thanks to its content of curcumin, tea, cocoa and extra virgin olive oil, which are considered beneficial for the purpose due to the presence of antioxidants, proteins and of vitamins.

The wound healing process involves the activity of an intricate network of biological events involving blood cells, tissue mediators, cytokines, and growth factors.

In order to facilitate the healing of wounds, proteins and vitamins are especially useful, which help the body to implement the necessary processes. The expert emphasizes above all, the role of arginine used to produce nitric oxide that is essential for the reconstruction of blood vessels and skin.

Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen while vitamin A contributes to the creation of new skin. Vitamin E is instead an antioxidant but its effects on wound healing are not yet very clear. However, for example, the oil of Rose Mosqueta is one of the most renowned and effective natural remedies for the treatment of scars. It can be purchased online or in herbal medicine shops. It is very concentrated and rich in vitamin E type vegetable oil. It can be applied on scars in a few drops every day, massaging gently. It helps make the skin more elastic and promotes cell regeneration and scar resorption.

Researchers’ studies have focused mainly on the effects of curcumin contained in turmeric and other polyphenols. In particular, curcumin helps activate the mechanisms for cell survival. It is one of the healthiest products.

Polyphenols of olive oil are also considered beneficial for wound healing and according to recent studies, taking olive oil facilitates the healing of post-surgical wounds.

Once again, some ingredients are often present on our tables, such as turmeric and extra virgin olive oil have proven very promising to help us stay healthy.

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