Aromatherapy: Lavender Essential Oil and Stress

Stress, contrary to what is communicated by mass media, cannot be defined as a priori disease, but a response to the stimuli that surround us. The problem arises based on the amount of stress and therefore, a stimuli, to which it is subjected and the way in which it reacts to them.

High stress leads to the production of cortisol and corticosterone, hormones that can damage the body if in a massive and constant presence.

Consequently, it is essential to be able to control stress and contain it within the right limits.It is very simple, just follow these two points:

– become aware of stress by understanding its source;

– manage stress and do not let it take over your life.

To be aware of the stress you are subjected to, you need to analyze your life, understand which relationships are toxic, review your priorities (it is right to help others but if you lose sight of your own serenity it becomes impossible to help), practice good habits (healthy nutrition, preferably rich in vegetables, sports activities, artistic activities, hobbies, better sleep).

After understanding the source of stress, if it cannot be eliminated, it must be rendered ineffective. There are various ways to relax our mind and thereby improve our physical state. One of them is through meditation, a practice of relaxation that is very effective, but one must know how to put into practice.

Another method is the use of relaxing essential oils. There are over 10 thousand publications in scientific journals that prove the effectiveness of essential oils. There are many essential oils that give relaxation, the most important is lavender officinalis, Lavandula officinalis or angustifolia. It is generally used in cases of depression, insomnia, nervousness, migraine, palpitations, hypertension and tachycardia. Also, even in cases of muscle pain such as cramps and skin problems like ulcers and burns.

Aromatherapy works according to the correct route of administration and to the type and brand of the chosen essential oil. In case of stress, the O.E. of lavender can be administered through the nasal and that is diffusion and inhalation methods.

You can heat essential oils, hence, when they lose their properties, you do not have to use the classic burning essences with candle and saucer. It requires the use of an electric ultrasonic diffuser (there are different types, also the costs vary based on the size or brand. Remember that it is not the high cost that guarantees the good quality). You can start spreading 4-5 drops at about 18 pm at home.

In cases of emergency the O.E. of lavender can be administered by dry inhalation. It is a quick and effective treatment in case of stress or shock, psychological trauma or in case of respiratory problems. It is very simple to do, you just soak a tissue with a few drops of O.E. of lavender and breathe it deeply for several times a day or when needed.

In case of emergency, it can always be applied on the wrists (as the O.E. of lavender is not dangerous on the skin for it has no possible side effects as in other essential oils). We recommend the wrists because the O.E is much vascularized. It quickly goes into circulation.

To allow yourself a personal pampering that favors the removal of stress, you can use the O.E. of lavender during a nice relaxing bath. Just pour a few drops of O.E. in the water and dive in. In this case, it is ideal to add the O.E of lavender, have an atmosphere of total relaxation, such as soft lighting and play a relaxing music. By doing this,you can experience a sort of daily pleasure that improves morale and therefore your health.

Unfortunately, the relaxing bath option is not feasible for everyone, but it is possible to create a relaxing shower instead. It can be faster and less effective but it can be more useful if combined with the above methods or in case of little need. To create a relaxing shower, just add a few drops of essential lavender oil to a neutral bath. This way, it can also be a pleasurable daily bath experience that improves morale and health too.

It is important to note that this article does not give medical advice, nor does it suggests techniques or treatments for physical problems for which medical advice is required. The end of this article is illustrative only.

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