Every year, millions of people suffer from more or less severe episodes of depression. When they go to specialists, they prescribe drugs and chemicals that can have positive effects in the treatment of this disorder, but they do not always work. Even these medicines can alter further organic functions, leading to other long-term diseases. Natural medicine, in this case, offers you a complete compendium of home remedies to treat depression and in Other Medicine, we want to tell you what they are.

# 1 Ginkgo Biloba

It is an herb that has been used to treat various ailments for hundreds of years, including the relief of mild depression, especially in the elderly. It also increases the production of serotonin, a hormone that provides pleasure, relieving the symptoms of sadness in a large number of people.

# 2 St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort acts as an effective remedy against mild depression, as it has hypericin and hyperforin, which help increase the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine that are responsible for improving mood. Although it is proven that consuming St. John’s Wort’s tablets can produce the same effects as antidepressants, it is also necessary to know that it has side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, and digestive discomfort. It can even inhibit the normal development of other medications such as birth control pills and anticoagulant remedies.

# 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, especially salmon, albacore tuna, and herring. According to studies, the deficiency of this acid can negatively influence the mood of a woman, especially if it is in the postpartum period or during the menstrual period, causing mood swings and depression.

# 4 Saffron

Saffron is an herb widely used in Middle Eastern Cuisine, which according to one study, can increase the levels of serotonin and other brain chemicals responsible for reducing the symptoms of depression. In addition, it has fewer side effects than those provided by the use of other chemical antidepressants, since it does not cause sexual dysfunction and sweating.

# 5 Meditation

Meditation can play an important role in the prevention of relapses of depression. According to studies, a large percentage of people who perform meditation sessions of a few minutes a day can avoid suffering from these episodes very effectively.

As you will see, there are several ways to alleviate the symptoms of depression, especially in cases where it is mild.

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